Saturday, May 7, 2011

Komando:Take care with Facebook Questions

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Question: I'm suddenly getting questions from people on Facebook. How do I opt out?

Answer: You can't. Facebook Questions is a new option for informal social polling. Creating a question is just like creating a status update. They are even in the same area of your Facebook profile. Just select the Questions option in the status update area and enter your question. You can add premade answers for your question. You can also let your friends provide answers. I would be careful when using the Questions feature. Make it something that actually matters. For example, it's a good way to decide on meeting places and times. Businesses can also use it for customer feedback.

Q: I accidentally saved over an important file. Is there a way to recover a previous version? I use Windows 7.

A: You should be able to recover an older version of the file. All editions of Windows 7 have a feature called Shadow Copy. This creates periodic copies of files. Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate also have Shadow Copy. Right-click your file and select the Previous Versions option. You will see a list of previous versions of the file. However, it likely won't include very recent changes. If you deleted the file, you obviously can't right-click on it. In that case, open the folder that contained the file. Then, right-click a blank area. You'll see the Previous Versions option. This lets you access previous versions of the folder and files it contained.

Q: What does the VoiceOver feature in Apple's OS X do?

A: VoiceOver is designed to help those with visual impairments. It reads out loud everything on the screen. You can also use it to communicate with Braille displays. To activate VoiceOver, just hold Command + F5. Pressing the Spacebar will activate a tutorial. One handy feature is QuickNav. This helps you navigate your Mac with the arrow keys. Each object you pass will be read out loud. To start QuickNav, hold the left and right arrow keys simultaneously. Now use the arrow keys to move. To click an object, hold the up and down arrow keys simultaneously.

Q: I just bought a 22-inch monitor. I expected to have more screen space. Everything on the screen is very cramped. How can I fix this?

A: The problem is that your computer's resolution is too low. Increasing the resolution will make things smaller, effectively giving you more space. Right-click your desktop background. In Windows 7, choose the Screen Resolution option. In Windows Vista, select Personalize and choose the Display Settings icon. In XP, select Properties and open the Settings tab. In each case, you will see a Resolution option. Set the resolution as high as it will go. That should be the best option. However, you can try other resolutions to find the one you like.

Q: I want to shoot close-up pictures of spring flowers. What do I need for this?

A: Shooting objects close-up is called macro photography. Many point-and-shoot cameras have a close-up setting. Look for a flower icon in your scene modes. For true macro photography, though, you need a DSLR camera with a macro lens. Your local camera shop can help you select the right lens. You can also use an extender tube or diopter filter, if your budget is tight. Macro photography is a lot of trial and error. You'll have to keep your camera very steady. You may want to use a tripod and shutter release cable. I also recommend using a reflector to bounce light onto the flowers. The reflector can also help you block the wind from moving the flowers.


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