Thursday, May 5, 2011

Komando: Buy a speedy 4G smartphone now or wait?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

QUESTION: I see a lot of advertising for 4G phones. Should I buy a 4G phone now or wait?

  • The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon 4G LTE.

    AP/Verizon Wireless

    The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon 4G LTE.

AP/Verizon Wireless

The HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon 4G LTE.

ANSWER: Cellular providers certainly are pushing 4G. The technology promises significantly faster data speeds than 3G networks. I wouldnt purchase a phone just for the 4G feature, though. Most carriers are still rolling out their 4G networks. So, 4G service will only be available in a handful of areas. Additionally, the current 4G networks arent true 4G. They dont conform to the official 4G standard. Either speed or the required 4G technology is lacking. True 4G wont be available until 2012 or later. Buy then.

Q. I cant find the answer to this anywhere. I tried Amazon and even called the Apple store. No one seems to know. If I buy audiobooks for the Kindle, can I also use them on the iPad?

A. Youve come to the right place. Audiobooks for the Kindle are provided by Amazons Audible service. There is an Audible app for the Kindle. There are also Audible apps for major smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. That means you can use the audiobooks on many devices, including the iPad. The apps are free with an Audible subscription. You can activate a single Audible account on four computers and three mobile gadgets. You can share the same audiobooks between systems. The Kindle also has the Read-to-me feature. It can read certain e-books aloud. Unfortunately, it doesnt work with the Kindle app, which lets you read Kindle titles on tablets and smartphones.

Q. Im trying to send a friend a document from my desktop, but he just receives an .LNK file. What can I do?

A. The problem is that the document isnt on your desktop. Rather, you are sending the desktop shortcut file. You can create shortcuts for both documents and programs. Shortcuts are simply links to the document or program on your hard drive. Right-click on the shortcuts icon and select Properties. In the General tab, you will see a line labeled Location. That is where the actual file is located. Go to that location using Start>>Computer. You can email the file from there. You can also drag the actual file to your desktop.

Q. I received a video from a friend who owns a PC. It wont play on my Mac. What is the problem?

A. Ill bet that your friend sent you a .WMV, or Windows Media Video, file. It is one of the most common video formats in Windows. It was designed with Windows-based PCs in mind. Fortunately, you can find Mac software that will play this video format. You can try the free Flip4Mac. It lets you play .WMV files in Apples QuickTime Player. If the video still wont play, try the free VLC Player. It will play almost every format in existence. Find links at

Q. I just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox. Why does it have two address bars?

A. Searching is a fundamental part of Web surfing. However, loading a search site every time you look something up is a hassle. So browser makers try to streamline the process. Thats whats tripping you up . Firefoxs left address bar is for entering Web addresses. If you know a sites Web address, you can simply enter it to visit the site. The bar on the right is for performing searches. Just put in a search term and hit Enter. It will bring up a search results page for you. The latest versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 take a different approach than Firefox. They have hybrid address bars. You can visit websites or perform searches from the same place.


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